Are you looking for affordable and Hands-On Cosmetic Medical Training? With our Online course you can have this training anywhere in Australia.


For Affordable and Hands-On Cosmetic Medical Training in Sydney, the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science is Available to You

Improving yourself as a doctor, nurse, or dentist is such a challenge when you work a busy schedule. Running your own practice or being part of a partnership involves many different tasks each day, and of course, it also requires juggling paperwork, finances, and all of your other responsibilities. How can you find the time to improve yourself or specialise in one area with all of that other activity going on? At the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science, we understand how difficult it is to further your medical education with such a busy schedule. That is why we offer online cosmetic medical training to Australia in addition to hands-on components which can be tailored to fit your life and schedule.

Why choose cosmetic medical training? You will be able to become skilled in safe, efficient, and simple procedures with proven track records of results. From botulinum toxin’s safe uses as a method of reducing fine lines to dermal fillers and other cosmetic procedures, you will be able to offer services that will allow your patients to feel better about their appearance. Happy patients in your practice and an increase in income from providing these services are just two benefits you will be able to see. Read on for more about what makes the Academy of Cosmetic medicine and Science’s cosmetic medical training options on the Sydney such an excellent choice.

Convenient and hands-on cosmetic medical training in Sydney

ACMAS offers doctors the opportunity to earn a Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine which will equip them with all the necessary skills to introduce a range of cosmetic services into their practice. You receive the diploma after successful completion of two courses, Basic and Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. In these courses, you will learn about topics such as botulinum toxin theory, methods for the proper use of chemical skin peels, and the advantages and methods used in laser therapies. Theory components of our cosmetic medical training in Sydney are offered entirely online for your convenience. Hands-on one on one learning experiences are required but flexibly scheduled. Practical sessions can last either three or four days. Also, we offer a service where we will come to your practice to give you the hands-on cosmetic medical training experience you need. We understand busy schedules and are happy to work to accommodate you.

Rely on our experienced trainers to enable your practice expansion

Why use our cosmetic medical training service in Sydney? We are a service for doctors run by doctors. Each of the doctors on our staff has more than 15 years experience in the field and understands both your training needs and the way to effectively communicate medical skills. We offer a mentorship program to take advantage of as well as six months of post-educational support, with mentorship advice available by phone and email. For more information, or to enrol, call us directly on 1300 INJECT or 1300 465 328. You can also email us at

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