Cosmetic Nursing Courses in Sydney


Are you a nurse working long hours for the health care system and wondering how to upgrade your nursing career? Do you long to work your own hours, run your own business and take responsibility for your career? Now is the time to enrol in cosmetic nursing courses in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs. Imagine not having to rely on the health care system to determine your growth potential and income! At the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine & Science, we offer training in Sydney, Australia,

We have been helping nurses, and other medical professionals advance their careers with our unique cosmetic nursing courses in Australia. Our strategy is to make it easy for you to obtain the marketable knowledge of cosmetic medicine. We offer flexible class times to accommodate busy schedules – if you’re working full or part time and wish to take cosmetic nursing courses in Sydney, it’s never been more convenient. For example, we now offer the option for students to complete the practical hands-on portion of the courses on their own time, choosing days or weekends that won’t compromise work or personal commitments.

It’s time to Advance your Skills with Cosmetic Nursing Courses in Sydney

Designed for medical professionals who wish to learn about cosmetic medicine, our courses are ideal. We teach doctors, nurses and dentists with personalised, hands-on training and offer a relevant and appropriate curriculum. The courses are conducted by tenured physicians, who utilise over 15 years of experience to guide students as they learn the speciality of cosmetic medicine.

At the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine & Science, our Cosmetic Nursing Courses in Sydney aren’t only an avenue to study how to administer cosmetic injections in Brisbane. Rather, our courses guide students to choose the proper injectable for their services, how to market cosmetic services and a host of business resources. With our cohesive curriculum and postgraduate support, you will have the appropriate industry content and real-world, substantial experience to feel confident about administering cosmetic medicine.

Effective Cosmetic Nursing Courses for Medical Professionals in Australia

As a nurse, you have likely spent many years studying and working to gain the experience necessary to get to this point in your career. If you desire to increase your income, add to your resume of skills or even to run your own clinic, why not consider Cosmetic Nursing Courses in Australia? We provide a service wherein our instructors will come to your patients and administer cosmetic medicine while you train! The best part is your patients will receive a 50% discount on all anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments, as well as free chemical and laser peel treatments. For more information, or to enrol, call us directly on 1300 INJECT or 1300 465 328. You can also email us at

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