Doctors, want to Increase Your Income? Enrol in Cosmetic Injectable Training at ACMAS Australia


Enrol in Cosmetic Injectable Training in Sydney at ACMAS Australia

The population of Australia is ageing. As we age, more and more people are searching for that Fountain of Youth, for anything that can help them look younger. As doctors, we hear it every day from our patients. They yearn to feel and look young again. Now, you can help them when you enrol in cosmetic injectable training in Sydney at the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine & Science (ACMAS). Regardless of your speciality or your experience with cosmetic procedures, you can take our course and provide your patients with options. Having the ability to perform cosmetic injections can only make you and your practice more profitable.

Why Australians Yearn for Cosmetic Procedures

Australians continue to search for ways to improve their appearance and how they feel about themselves. Cosmetic injections can make the lips fuller or compensate for weak cheekbones or facial structure.

One of the prominent reasons for having cosmetic procedures is to reverse the signs of ageing. Injections performed by highly trained professionals like those who train at ACMAS can help to eliminate wrinkles and give skin a younger-looking appearance. The injections can contribute to eliminating lines and even help with some of the sagging that skin develops over the years. The results can help a patient look years younger and allow them to feel better about themselves.

Who Can Receive Cosmetic Injectable Training in Australia?

Medically qualified professionals including doctors, dentists, and nurses can train to become cosmetic injectors. It does not matter what a physician’s speciality is, he or she may take the cosmetic injectable training course at ACMAS to become a cosmetic injector. The Academy was developed to provide the training and assessment required for medically qualified professionals wanting to become capable of delivering cosmetic injections and perform minimally invasive surgery. Those interested can choose from the flexible course schedule and will benefit from the training offered by highly trained and experienced medical professionals who specialise in a number of different areas of cosmetic medicine.

Why Choose ACMAS for Cosmetic Injectable Training in Sydney

The emphasis at the Academy is on practical training. That means those who enrol and participate in courses at our Sydney location you will receive hands-on experience. All training is offered by experienced professionals in the field of cosmetic medicine. One of the advantages is the flexibility that is provided by ACMAS. Doctors and other medical professionals can continue their current jobs and take the training at the Academy on a part-time basis. Participants also have the option of online training. ACMAS understands that people need flexibility in course delivery to meet the demands of their busy lifestyles.

With the number of people desirous to enhance their appearance, it only makes sense for doctors to add cosmetic injectables to their repertoire. For more information, or to enrol, call us directly on 1300 INJECT or 1300 465 328. You can also email us at

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