Find Convenient Cosmetic Medicine Courses for Nurses and Doctors in Sydney


At the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science, one of our top goals has always been to provide the most convenient cosmetic medicine courses in Sydney. When we began offering our courses on cosmetic injectables five years ago, we wanted to provide a learning model that medical professionals with busy lives would be able to use. Too often, the idea and overall benefits of professional development courses are attractive, but the execution—rigid class times, hours of practical hands-on workshops, etc.—make them a challenge for working people.

ACMAS and Our Commitment to Convenience

In an effort to make life easier for people interested in our cosmetic nurse and doctor courses in Sydney, ACMAS plotted out each class to emphasise flexibility and convenience. First of all, each cosmetic medicine course that we teach has a 12 month timespan, giving students more than enough time to work through the material and complete the class obligations.

Secondly, most of our courses take place online. When you enrol in a cosmetic nurse training course in Sydney, for example, you will receive a USB stick containing the online study materials that you will need to complete the theoretical units of the course. You will then have six months to work through each unit at your own pace. Of course, you will have to have individual units completed before you can attend a practical hands-on training workshop. Otherwise, though, the ACMAS training system is extremely flexible.

In most cases, the practical segments of our course take place at pre-scheduled workshops. The workshops—scheduled every 12 weeks in Sydney —are taught by doctors with more than 15 years of experience. If you enrol in one of our cosmetic medicine courses in Sydney, these hands-on workshop sessions are where you will get to learn the techniques that you will be using on your patients.

An Even More Convenient Cosmetic Nurse Course in Sydney

In most cases, doctors and nurses working with ACMAS to learn about cosmetic medicine can make time to attend our workshop sessions. The workshops are relatively brief and concentrated, so you won’t have to take much time away from your day-to-day life to attend one.

With that said, the truth is that everyone’s schedule is different. If you work full-time or part-time and have family obligations as well, you might struggle to fit a practical hands-on workshop into your schedule. In response to a plethora of requests, ACMAS now also offers students the option to complete their hands-on sessions on a more flexible basis. For nurses or doctors doing their cosmetic training in Sydney, we now have a mentorship program through which you can link up with a senior faculty member and do one-on-one training at his or her clinic. This option allows you to fit the equivalent of our workshop training in at a time that works better for you.

If you like the idea of an online professional development course but are worried about fitting a workshop into your schedule, contact ACMAS today! For more information, or to enrol, call us directly on 1300 INJECT or 1300 465 328. You can also email us at

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