Get a Cosmetic Medicine Training Course for Nurses in Sydney — Plus Other Perks


Your clinic has been getting a lot of requests for dermal filler procedures as of late. It’s clear that there is money to be made from offering these services, and you are thinking about paying for some of your doctors or nurses to receive the necessary training. The question is, where is the best place to enrol in cosmetic medicine courses in Sydney?

About the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science and Our Cosmetic Nurse Courses in Sydney

At the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science, you can find the cosmetic nurse training you are looking for in Sydney. For the past four years, we have been providing cosmetic medicine in Sydney. Our courses are largely online-based, which means that your doctors and nurses will be able to work through them at their own pace and on their own time.

The other element of each course is a hands-on, in-person workshop session. In Sydney, we offer these workshops twice a year. To find out what the next workshop date is in the Sydney area, contact ACMAS directly.

The Perks You Will Get from Choosing ACMAS

In addition to high-quality online course materials and hands-on training with experienced doctors and nurses, the cosmetic medicine courses that ACMAS offers in Sydney also come with an array of different benefits and perks. There are advantages you will get from enrolling your doctors and nurses with us that you wouldn’t necessarily get from another training program focusing on cosmetic medicine.

For instance, if you want several of your staff members to pursue certificates in cosmetic medicine, you can save money by choosing ACMAS. For all our courses, we will apply a discount to your bill if two or more doctors or nurses from the same office, practice, clinic or hospital enrol at the same time. Dollar for dollar, ACMAS already provides the best value for cosmetic medicine training—not just in Sydney, but throughout Australia as a whole. Our discount for multiple members from the same organisation only adds to the value and affordability of our programs.

Another major perk you can expect if you enrol a staff member in our cosmetic training in Sydney is ongoing support. At ACMAS, we recognise that the medical professionals who complete our courses and workshops might still have some questions after they receive their certificates. With this thought in mind, we offer six months of free follow-up support for our students. This support includes mentorship sessions and advice via phone or email. This extra above-and-beyond service can help your doctors or nurses settle into their new cosmetic medicine specialities and provide superior service to their patients.

For more information, or to enrol, call us directly on 1300 INJECT or 1300 465 328. You can also email us at

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