Take a Cosmetic Injection Course for Nurses on Your Own Time in Sydney

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It’s a story we repeatedly hear from our students, both past and present: ‘I’ve wanted to pursue a speciality in cosmetic medicine for ages, but could never find the time.’ For busy registered nurses, courses like the ones we offer at the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science (ACMAS) can provide substantial boosts in income, patient interest and overall career enjoyment. However, for nurses with families and busy professional lives, finding time to fit these courses in has traditionally been difficult.

At ACMAS, we make our valuable professional development courses more accessible and convenient by allowing you to work through them on your own schedule. If you have been looking for a cosmetic injection course for nurses in Sydney that will work within your schedule, look no further than ACMAS.

What to Expect from an ACMAS Cosmetic Course for Nurses in Sydney

Split between core theory units and practical hands-on units, our courses allow students to work through most the material (the theory units) independently. When you enrol for one of our courses, we will send you a USB stick containing the online theory course content. These materials constitute the majority of our courses and will teach you essential information about skin ageing, conditioning, rejuvenation and more.

Each course also includes a hands-on practical segment. If you are taking your cosmetic injection course for nurses in Sydney, you will never be far from one of our hands-on sessions. In Sydney, we hold practical workshops every 12 weeks.

However, since our course completion deadline is six months after you receive the online training materials, you should still have no trouble finding and completing a practical workshop near you before your course timespan runs out. At the practical workshops, you will learn techniques for using the Botulinum Toxin for cosmetic medical treatments.

Enrol in One of Our Certificate in Cosmetic Medicine Courses for Nurses Today

Are you interested in learning how to apply cosmetic medical treatments? If so, contact the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science and enrol in one of our cosmetic injection courses for nurses in Sydney. We will send you the necessary materials so that you can begin working towards your Certificate in Cosmetic Medicine on your own time.

ACMAS offers two cosmetic medicine course for nurses. The first is a standard Certificate in Cosmetic Medicine. The second is an Advance Certificate in Cosmetic Medicine for Qualified Nurses. After taking the first course, you will need 6-12 months of professional experience working with cosmetic injectables before enrolling in the second course. Both courses deal with methods for delivering dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments.

To learn more about the courses that we offer at ACMAS, or to find out about the locations and scheduling for our practical workshops in your area, contact us directly. You can reach us by dialling 1300 465 328.

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