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Senior Trainer Aska Lagodko voted Australia’s Favourite Injector

Senior Trainer Aska Lagodko voted Australia’s Favourite Injector

I did my online theory and 3 day practical workshop at the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science. The course was very flexible and allowed me to study & fit around my work schedule.

When I arrived at Lily Room the training facility for ACMAS I found them to be beautifully set up & I felt like I was in my own Clinic.

At the hands on workshop there was plenty of Models and adequate time and supplies for all students to have hands on with each model. We actually got to work on real paying clients, which meant I was not having to look for my own models.

All Trainers were well presented and highly prepared with detailed presentations on the products we would be using through out the workshop, we were each presented with a detailed study guides and note books. ACMAS provided all current literature on Anti-wrinkle and Dermal fillers being used in the workshop and within Lily Room.

We were provided with much more than I expected from the ACMAS Team as well as snacks and Lunches throughout the workshop.

- Anna Flanagan RN

As part of my training in completing the Certificate Course in Cosmetic Injectables, I had to attend a 3 day practical Workshop at Lily Room (ACMAS Training Facility), where I found all the staff to be friendly, accommodating and very professional.

I feel extremely fortunate to be trained by Aska Lagodko as a cosmetic Injector where she has passed on her wealth of knowledge, setting me up with the skills and knowledge base at the beginning of my career as a Cosmetic Nurse.

The skills and knowledge Aska possesses on Facial Anatomy, cosmetic medicine and injecting techniques I feel makes her one of the most capable and competent Cosmetic Nurses that I have been treated by.

- Naomi White RN

I attended the Lily Room in Chatswood to carry out the Practical Hands on Component of my Diploma in Cosmetic Injectables.

I have gained a great deal of skills and knowledge from both the theory and practical component of the course. I went away feeling very confidant with Anti-wrinkle injection techniques and more experienced with dermal Fillers. I currently work for a GP and have so far added 40 new patients to our books who have presented for anti-wrinkle injections.

I have to commend the staff at ACMAS and especially want to point our their kindness and the expertise of the Trainers Aska (Head Senior Trainer) and Anika (Senior Trainer). I felt extremely safe working under their guidance.

Post study support has also been of great assistance to me. The Diploma in Cosmetic Injectable’s is well worth attending for those starting out in this field or even for those wanting to brush up on their skills.

Great Job to ACMAS and the Lily Room Team

– Julie Welsh RN & Bachelor of Med Science

A big thanks for organising such an amazing workshop, for feeding us constantly, answering and attending to our questions and requests which were many!!

A big thanks to Ashka for being such an outstanding and patient trainer.

Everything was just beyond my expectation.

- Dr. Fara

Just wanted to say thank you for the great experience with cosmetic injectables. It was absolutely amazing to be part of this practical session.

Thank you, kind regards,

- E. Levin RN

Love the course so far, really interesting.

- Melissa

Thank you for emailing me the modules. I am really enjoying it! The course is brilliant – very informative and fun at the same time. Would highly recommend it to all!!

- Dr Andrea, Adelaide

Thanks for sending the material, really enjoying reading these.

- Dr Ashik, Perth

Can’t wait for the next test with Botox and Dermal Fillers. The answer has been explained so well and interesting to know and again it is very useful.

- Nicole RN, Sydney

I have completed the course at ACMAS, and I'm glad I did it!

The theory was very informative and easy to understand. 

The 3 day work shop was amazing. From the moment I arrived there I felt very welcomed by Angela and Mikaela, and felt as if I was part of the team. The trainer's are amazing cosmetic injectors full of knowledge, skills and patience.  I am very grateful to have learned the skills and confidence from the 3 great trainers  Aska, Anika  and  Priscille.

Thankyou for the lovely training and experience!


- Ivana Vasilevski RN

To the amazing team at ACMAS (Angela, Aska, Mikaela, Anika and Patricia),

Thank you for providing such an informative and professional course for cosmetic injecting. I have walked away with so much confidence in my knowledge and ability as an injector and it wouldn't be without the incredible training, guidance and support you have given me and all the other students of the Academy. Aska, you truly are so wonderful at what you do and you are such a talented and supportive teacher - Thank you. Angela and Mikaela, thank you so much for your support throughout the course and your kindness and hospitality during the three day workshop. You really looked after us and it was such a joy to be at training everyday. Angela, thank you so much for your reference. It truly means the world to me and will undoubtedly help me secure a job in this field of medicine which I have been passionate about for so long. Anika and Patricia, thank you for all your knowledge, guidance and patience during the workshop. Patience is such an important skill in the training environment and it really helps to ease those nerves during stressful situations.

I am very proud of my graduate diploma from ACMAS and I have already recommended the Academy to many of my medical colleagues who also have an interest in cosmetic medicine.

Once again, from the very bottom of my heart - Thank you! 

Kindest Regards,

Hayley Stevens

I would just like to thank Aska and Angela and their wonderful team at the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science for giving me the opportunity to attend and complete my Diploma in Cosmetic Injecting. I finished the course a very confident Injector due to these experienced and passionate medical professionals offering their wealth of knowledge I needed to peruse my career in Cosmetic Injectables.

I also want to thank Aska and Angela and the Academy for their continual support, even after I had completed my Diploma I was given the opportunity to have access to ongoing education and support!

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to choose a career path in Cosmetic Injectables to attend the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science. 

Michelle Elliot 

RN (Cosmetic Injector)


I am a happily employed cosmetic injector thanks to the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science.  I learned heaps with the on-line theory component, and all of it was put to practical use at the 3 day live models training.  The staff were patient, supportive and caring.  The trainers understand what it is like to be new to the industry, but also what is required to become a good injector.  We started with being taught anatomy, legal aspects, product types, potential complications and interventions, and of course how and where to inject.  Most of the 3 days were spent working on actual paying clients.  The ratio of trainer to students was good, one trainer for 6 students.  I personally worked on about 10 clients with my buddy nurse.  This included initial consult, paperwork, facial assessment, marking the face, and injecting either the muscle relaxant or filler.  I loved it, and all of the clients were kind and patient as well.  It has taken me close to 6 months to get my job, but I had no experience in the industry other than the ACMAS training, and have only been an RN for about 2 years.  I was recommended to ACMAS by a girlfriend who trained with them about 4 years ago, and who has now gone on to open her own skin and injecting clinic.  

Annie Leung RN